710 Mobility Improvement Projects

On August 6, 2019, Caltrans ended the decades-long saga of the proposed SR-710 North Freeway extension between Alhambra and Pasadena. Caltrans instead chose to move forward with neighborhood transportation improvements. In 2018 and 2019, the City of Los Angeles was awarded a total of $148.68 million in funds previously set aside for the SR-710 North Freeway Extension for transportation improvements in Council District 14. Councilmember de Leon is excited to lead these projects and ensure stakeholders are able to shape how these projects are implemented.


Soto Valley Proposal

Soto/Valley Bridge Widening

The Bureau of Engineering is currently widening the Soto Street bridge over Valley Boulevard. The Project will add widened sidewalks to each side of the bride as well as bike lanes in both directions.

Proposal for the Soto Widening project

Soto Street Widening

This project creates a complete street project between Huntington Drive and Multnomah Street in El Sereno. The project will upgrade the existing street by widening it to provide sidewalks and protected bike lanes on each side of the streets as well as two travel lanes in each direction.

Valley Boulevard Transportation Improvements

Metro awarded LA County $30 million and the City of Los Angeles $34.1 million for improvements along Valley Boulevard in El Sereno. The collaboration between the City and County seeks to create a multimodal corridor along Valley Boulevard from Alhambra to County+USC Hospital while also providing new opportunities for green space and access to wrap-around health services at County Hospital.

Envision Eastern

Envision Eastern is a community led initiative to make safety improvements on Eastern Avenue. The project involves the construction of new sidewalks, traffic signals, and street lights in order to make it safer for pedestrians along the corridor.

Huntington Drive Transportation Improvements

The city was awarded $17 million dollars to improve Huntington Drive between Kendall Avenue and Soto Street. Councilmember de Leon is working with the Bureau of Engineering to begin community meetings in early 2021 where the community will help identify what improvements they would like to see along the corridor.

Rock the Boulevard

Rock the Boulevard is a community led initiative to improve Eagle Rock Boulevard in Eagle Rock. The project involves the construction of protected bicycle lanes, new sidewalks, and improves the street between Colorado Boulevard and York Boulevard.