Homelessness and Housing

Councilmember de León is laser focused on addressing the number one issue in Los Angeles - our homelessness and housing crisis. In order to address the crisis, the Councilmember believes that we have to expedite construction of both temporary and permanent housing solutions, as a roof over someone's head is the only way they are not homeless. His strategy focuses on a few key areas:

  • Cutting the Red Tape: Streamlining & Prioritizing the Approval of Affordable Housing
    We won’t end homelessness until everyone has a roof over their head. And in order to do that, we need more housing. Councilmember de Leon is a huge proponent of prioritizing affordable housing and removing the red tape, which is why he is pushing for the city to prioritize the approval of projects based that construct the most amount of affordable housing for the lowest prices.
  • Building Temporary Shelters
    Councilmember de Leon knows that we can’t wait until all of the affordable housing is built in order to house people - we need to put roofs over their heads now. Working with the city departments, Councilmember de Leon has prioritized repurposing and reallocating city land in order to construct temporary housing for the homeless.
  • Streamlining Services
    Homeless services in the city are run by the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA). LAHSA oversees a budget of over $550M annually, made up of funding from the federal government, state, county, and city. Councilmember de León is focused on making sure that money is spent wisely, and that funding is prioritized for housing purposes.
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