Homelessness and Housing

Councilmember de León is focused on addressing the homelessness crisis. He believes that we must build a system that has the capacity to quickly rehouse homeless individuals as well as one that can move the unsheltered from temporary housing into permanent housing in an expedited manner. 

Tackling homelessness requires an coordinated approach that integrates a variety of strategies, including temporary housing, permanent supportive housing, reducing the inflow, and accountability.

  • Temporary Housing

    Ensuring immediate shelter for our unhoused neighbors must become a priority for the City of Los Angeles. It is imperative that authorities identify sites on which to build temporary non-congregant pallet communities. Hundreds of Angelenos could be sheltered immediately, while they wait for more permanent housing.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

    The City of Los Angeles must accelerate the rate of construction and reduce overall costs in order to increase the availability of permanent housing units. 

    ​Currently, an average unit costs about $500,000 to construct and takes between 3-5 years to complete. This is due to excessive requirements set forth by multiple government entities.  The result is an entirely unacceptable rate of development – one that is failing to meet the needs of Los Angeles. 

  • Reducing the Inflow

    An urgent and coordinated approach is needed to provide enough beds to meet the current demand for unhoused persons in Los Angeles. However, even if these beds are created, homelessness is not a static problem.

    As the city houses those who are unsheltered, far too many residents remain at risk of falling into homelessness. Studies prove that prevention of homelessness is far more cost-effective than rehousing.

  • Accountability

    Given the city’s financial situation, it will require discipline to ensure that every dollar earmarked for homeless-related items is properly routed.

    As such, we are requesting that the City Administrative Office issue a full report laying out sources, amounts, flexibility levels, and anticipated funding for all homelessness projects. 

Recognizing that this is an issue of the utmost urgency, Councilmember de León has constructed a plan known as "A Way Home." It is a comprehensive proposal that establishes definitive and measurable goals.  It is a path forward.